Siam Orchid
Jumbo Shrimp 3Taste
Chef's Specialties 
Jumbo Shrimp 3Taste
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp with
Thai sweet chili sauce, 
broccolis, carrots,
zucchini, cabbages
Seafood LadNa
Thai Noodles
Seafood LadNa 
Thai gravy sauce 
served over crispy or steam noodles,
with carrots, broccolis,  
snow peas, cabbages
(Lobster Tail additional price)
Boat Dai
Siam Sushi Boat 
The Boat Dai
Taste of 3 Chef's Testers
 California Roll, J.B Roll,
Spicy Tuna Roll,Orlando Roll,
28 pcs. Of Sashimi,
24 pcs. Of Nigiri
  1. Pad Thai Noodles
    $ 10.95 (shrimp or squid additional price)
    Siam Orchid's famous Thai dish, rice noodles sautéed with sweet tamrind sauce, eggs, bean sprouts, scallions and ground peanuts
  2. Roasted Duck
    $ 18.95
    Crispy duck top with Siam Orchid's famous brown sauce with combination of mixed vegetables.
  3. Red Curry
    $ 10.95 (shrimp or squid additional price)
    Bamboo shoots, bell peppers, snow peas, basil leaves, cooked in Thai coconut milk and red curry paste
  1. Siam Lobster Roll
    $ 23.95
    Florida lobster tail tempura, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, topped with kani and tempura flakes, masago, scallion served with Chef's tester.
  2. Hosmaki Dinner Combo
    $ 14.95
    California Roll, J.B Roll, and Tuna Roll Served with your choice of miso soup or salad
  3. Mini Boat
    $ 24.95
    Rainbow Roll, 6 pcs. Of Sashimi, 5 pcs. Of Nigiri Served with miso soup or salad
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